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An Update, What's that?

Heh. S'been a while.

Anyway, I received emails from a few people, saying that they were still interested in this.
These people are:

That is all. Therefore, since I, Mrs. Black, got enough, I will be starting this up again. But! There's a catch. I'm doing this only during breaks/long weekends. I know everyone is busy with school and junk (as am I), but I hope to reunite the RP!

Everyone, I hope you remember your login/usernames + password. XD (Quite frankly, I'm surprised I did.)

<3 Mrs. Black

We are still in need of:
>Fred + George
>Various Teachers
>Nymphadora (o.o)
>Lucius (waha.)

email me: if you are interested. ^^
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