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An Update, What's that? [29 Nov 2004|05:18pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Heh. S'been a while.

Anyway, I received emails from a few people, saying that they were still interested in this.
These people are:

That is all. Therefore, since I, Mrs. Black, got enough, I will be starting this up again. But! There's a catch. I'm doing this only during breaks/long weekends. I know everyone is busy with school and junk (as am I), but I hope to reunite the RP!

Everyone, I hope you remember your login/usernames + password. XD (Quite frankly, I'm surprised I did.)

<3 Mrs. Black

We are still in need of:
>Fred + George
>Various Teachers
>Nymphadora (o.o)
>Lucius (waha.)

email me: totchi_en_grey@yahoo.com if you are interested. ^^

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ANSWER ANSWER! [30 Aug 2004|09:18pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

I am typing this in bold for the sake of catching attention. Not that I don't anyway XD I will also be sending out emails for replies.

*cough* I need to know so I can set up the new list and send out plots and such. ;o; You guys really don't make this easy on me. (Though, that shouting up there *points* gave me 15 years back on my life >D *grin*)

That is all. <3

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Whoa awayness!~ [30 Jul 2004|09:10pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Yea, I went to Ohio. Took a week. I'm back. My eyes feel weird. XD I can't go to Otakon. ;o; <--- me

Oh well, there's hope for next year (maybe Gackt'll give a nice big concert? or L'arc will come back *o* *hopeful*) Like, alot of hope for next year. I just need to start on a nice portfolio of anime fanart so that perhaps at Otakon next year I'll be able to sell them as nice prints. (and make moola!)
Note: Ayn, if you want to plan an art thing for the RV art/craft show they hold in Rancocas woods (and/or at Otakon next year) just.. give a call or something. :3

Updatey~~: Not much going on in the journalage it seems. Everyone's been away/busy with homework XD (which... I'm still doing.) Perhaps afterwards we'll be able to get back together.

> is it just me.. or am I the only one to notice we only have a friggin' MONTH left of summer vacation? O.M.F.G!!!!!!!! I really don't want to go back already. It didn't feel like summer this year. More like... a really long easter vacation. ;o;

Anyone still interested in journaling, just give me an OK back so that I know who's still into it for plots and stuff. ^^

<3 Management

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Clearing things up! [30 Jun 2004|09:38am]

[ mood | amused ]

I made a big mistake. XD Sorry everyone who is confused.

>They docked on the 27th, because... I'm an idiot who planned it wrong and now it was behind by one day. (Sorry Becca!) But, I see everyone is using this to their advantage! :3

>Noelle will be going on a Model UN trippy-thingy (to Breann: THAT IS SO GROOVY!) I will be leaving this Saturday (July 3rd) and will not be back till next Friday (July 9th I think XD) So, naturally... party at my house on Friday to whomever can make it . :P

And... it seems everyone else is going away too. (Especially the twins!) Anyone who is going away for a while, please post to the community simply stating how long you'll be away for so we can make adjustments. kthx.

<3 Mrs. Black

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Questions [24 Jun 2004|09:54am]

[ mood | confused ]

If I've got this all straight, we're leaving for the cruise tomorrow. Seeing as we're in England, this means we have to take a plane (am I right?) or are we going to get to Florida some magical way? Are we all going to meet in Florida, on the cruise, plane, or before???
Just wondering so we all match up.
<3 Breann

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WHEE! [22 Jun 2004|09:09pm]

[ mood | amused ]

http://www.geocities.com/seikishiden/heh.html (a few choice clips from the link below. Which is funny as.. well.. crap?)

http://harryloveshermione.com/extras/recaps/1/index.html (The real site. Called "slightly skewed recap". Read the little warning before you go reading. :D) It's fun

<3 from Mrs. Black and Mrs. Radcliffe.

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the result of hanging out with Breann all day: [22 Jun 2004|05:00pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

PLOTTAGE! This plottage goes into action as soon as they get on the cruise. The plottage that were handed out earlier were pre-cruise stuff. Get ready for these babies. :D

In alphabetical order... we have to start with Draco (who still hasn't made the first post):

Draco: So far you've been so intent on trying so hard to hate or rather... LOATHE this cruise. But the inner kid you never let out is absolutely loving it. You really love that happy dancing and singing mouse, but you can NEVER let anyone know. It's hard to hide... so what is a death-eater in training to do?

Ginevra (Ginny): OK, the secret with you and Harry is out. You couldn't take the stress, but so far it's been in your favor. But with his and your parents on board, where will you two find some privacy?

Harry: Same deal as Ginny, but you've got it worse. Your dad is still an immature prat when it comes to accepting things like this. He's even joined forces with a (sort of reluctant but won't show it) loving godfather of yours. How far will you go to get some privacy?

Hermione: You + Ron= luv or.. <3. Hun, it's time to realize it was meant to be. But how will the bookworm side of you take this whole "relationship" thing?

James: Congrats! You are alive and kickin'! And you've found a new hobby/pasttime: bothering the living daylights out of your son. and his girlfriend. You even have a partner in crime: Sirius. But the question is, how will you bother Harry AND spend time with a pretty adamant Lily? *whip crack*

Lily: You've tried to put together some "family" time, but neither of your two boys (husband and child) seem very fond of the idea. Are you going to give in and hit the spas or try and get them both under a tight reign?

Nymphadora: You got the tan you've always wanted and well... that mouse isn't really as scary as you thought. In fact, the guy behind the mask is kinda cute. What are you to do?

Remus: Take a breath of relief, Sirius was in fact correct about there being no full moon. In fact, this cruise is really relaxing and fun. it even has a library. But that's just your problem... there's... this girl... who's always in the library...

Ron: You really really like Hermione. Like... ALOT! So are you going to get the guts to ask her? Or are you going to let that one guy she met on the boat get her first?

Sirius: (so everyone knows) Somehow he did manage to give the ministry and the Dursley's the slip, but not without a small price: his hair, his precious black hair is now a shocking shade of Fuschia. Tonks to the rescue perhaps? As soon as he steps on the deck though, James ends up dragging him out to bother his son. Will he ever find time to get some hot chicks?

Snape: The mandatory Dumbledore spoke of ends up being a trip on the Disney cruise. In the first day you asked "why am I here" approximately 133.5 times (McGonagall interuppted you halfway to 134.) You keep thinking you could be doing something productive, like playing with what Sirius calls your "chemistry set"... but that just reminds you of... school. But when the second day rolls around... you find yourself enjoying it more.. except this one woman who keeps talking to you. Supposedly, she works at Hogwarts too. How will you stop her from ruining the rest of the week?

Voldie-poo!: WHY THE HELL?! *ahem* You've found a need to record your evil thoughts and plans in journal format, so you found this ingenious muggle site. As much as you hate them, they really came up with a good plan. But, you decide you need a rest from your evil plotting ways. Thus, you find yourself booked for the Disney cruise. You need to disguise yourself man (go as Tom Riddle! He's sexy.. *is shot*) There you meet Harry and co. and someone you've longed to meet: Minnie Mouse.

Ehehe. You know you love me. :D Have fun everyone! Be creative!

<3 Mrs. Black

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PLOTS! OMG! [20 Jun 2004|08:59pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Plotlines for characters:
James and Lily (Why you two are even alive is weird, but whatever.) You two are going to spend a romantic time on the Disney Cruise. James will probably go and bother his wonderful son and Lily, you're going to spend your good old time in the spa. Have fun!
>OK James: Truly, you are going to have the best time of your renewed life. Renewed, as in, you are not dead anymore. >D Anyway, you are going to finally be able to enjoy life to its fullest, dinner, dancing (with Lily of course!), drinking with buds... etc. (try to keep it Disney though *laughs at her own joke* I'm so funny! >3) Everything is going back to the way it would've been. But there's your problem, so may are very inquisitive as to how you have been resurrected. (Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, Sirius... SNAPE.) Now we're all curious really, how did you get back? Did God say "to heck with him dead, he's funner alive!" ?(not that God has bad grammar...) Or did someone perform some weird ritual to get you back?

Snape : For some reason, the teachers at Hogwarts are being sent on this mandatory vacation by the request of Dumbledore himself. Try and enjoy yourself... please. And uh, if you could... wash your hair. kthx.

Ron : You and Hermione. Dating. Secretly, but not secretly at the same time. Why? Because everyone knows. :D

Harry~~ : Here's the deal hun, you and Ginny are so an item. (or ya know, are dating... but secretly!) You haven't told anyone, but your godfather found out (of course, he has nothing better to do!) How are you going to handle this situation? You gonna tell? Or put up with Sirius' incessant teasing?

Ginny <3 : You are stuck in the same situation as Harry, but... you've got siblings to worry about finding out! You really don't want Ron or Fred or George or Bill or Charlie or anyone to find out. How are you going to keep it secret with the twins on your trail?

Draco :P : Your father has decided to get your annoying self out of his hair for a while. (mind you, he has long hair.) He's going to send you on a prestigious cruise to get some sun. (or to burn... *ahem*) But the travel company misunderstood his wants and accidently gets you a ticket to the world famous kiddie cruise for family fun: The Disney Magic. There you meet some... acquaintances. Can you deal with a happy singing mouse for the entire cruise or will you throw yourself overboard?

Hermione :) : Alright, you and your parents are going to get some quality family time this summer, as your father insists. You are also heading off for the Disney cruise, where you'll meet the "gang" (AKA: Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Ron, Ginny, Harry, and the Weasleys.) There lies your problem: Ron. You both are trying to cover up your feelings, but really, the whole world and their grandmother knows you two like-like each other. Get it together woman!

Loony loony Lupin :3 : OK, so far you've spent the first part of summer keeping Sirius out of trouble, and it seems to be working. Sorta. That is, until he decides to put together a trip on the Disney Cruise. With dancing, singing, sun, heat, food, and people. Lots and lots of people. How will the werewolf side of you take this new community?

Nymphadora >D : Hey hey hot stuff, your cousin has just invited you on a cruise. Of course, it isn't the type you were quite expecting... it's rather... childish. Sounds like Sirius' idea of fun though. But maybe you can pick up a cute guy or two and even get a tan in while you're there...

Sirius : (Just so everyone knows.) He's been up to no good since Mrs. Weasley locked him in his house. But he's come up with a plan to save Harry and have fun, even with Kreacher noticing. But just how will he manage to give the Dursleys and the Ministry the slip this summer?

Alright, that's about it. Those are the individual plot stuffs, if everyone could perhaps write a short entry about these "issues" to give a little depth or insight, that would rock. >D Really, it would. Dunno when everyone is free enough to get the whole thing played out in AIM chat. Umm.. if anyone would like to also take up another character when doing the thing on AIM (such as Ron, Lily) that would be incredibly helpful! Just drop a comment to tell me when you aren't free so we can schedule. :D kthx.

Also, if anyone has thought ahead of schedule (which... no one probably has...) if you could give little idea nudges so I can get that set up for the next row of plottage, I would be eternally grateful. <3

!!!!HUGE EDIT!!!: Lily, James and Sirius have been resurrected because of guess what: the time turner! (this totally slipped my mind, I feel like an idiot!) Harry, Ron, and Hermione "resurrect" them back in 6th year. (that was their little adventure) Hermione has the time turner again due to her heavy load of classes and studying that she wants to get done. But during that year, Voldemort was trying to play with time by his own means (he jumps around to different times: James and Lily's "death" time and to when the big fight occurred at the ministry), and the daring trio went back to stop him, in the end, they saved Lily and James indirectly (because they couldn't be seen by them) but Dumbledore goes to James and Lily and asks that they do give Harry to his aunt and uncle to keep him safe. They have to agree sadly. ;o; When Voldemort jumps ahead into time, they save Sirius indirectly by unarming Hellatrix (hehe..) from afar. That is my great genius at work.

Have fun!

(Edit: Thank you... no no, HUGE HUGE THank you to Olivia, who has taken up James. :D And thank goodness to Chris D. for having perfect timing and telling me he took up Snape. :D)


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Whee hee [18 Jun 2004|03:30pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Alright! We're up and running... almost completely.


Harry Potter- Harry
Hermione Granger- Hermione
Ginny Weasley- Ginny
Draco Malfoy- Draco....>.>;

Fred Weasley- (unclaimed)
George Weasley- (unclaimed)

Remus Lupin- Moony
Sirius Black- Padfoot
James Potter- Prongs
Lily Evans- (pending?)
Nymphadora Tonks- Tonks

Snape- Snivellus
Voldemort- (pending...)

That's it so far. :D

Anyone who stumbles upon this community, if you would like to join, please email me (Noelle) @ seikishiden@yahoo.com

-Kthx, Maintenance

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