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Clearing things up!

I made a big mistake. XD Sorry everyone who is confused.

>They docked on the 27th, because... I'm an idiot who planned it wrong and now it was behind by one day. (Sorry Becca!) But, I see everyone is using this to their advantage! :3

>Noelle will be going on a Model UN trippy-thingy (to Breann: THAT IS SO GROOVY!) I will be leaving this Saturday (July 3rd) and will not be back till next Friday (July 9th I think XD) So, naturally... party at my house on Friday to whomever can make it . :P

And... it seems everyone else is going away too. (Especially the twins!) Anyone who is going away for a while, please post to the community simply stating how long you'll be away for so we can make adjustments. kthx.

<3 Mrs. Black
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