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Whoa awayness!~

Yea, I went to Ohio. Took a week. I'm back. My eyes feel weird. XD I can't go to Otakon. ;o; <--- me

Oh well, there's hope for next year (maybe Gackt'll give a nice big concert? or L'arc will come back *o* *hopeful*) Like, alot of hope for next year. I just need to start on a nice portfolio of anime fanart so that perhaps at Otakon next year I'll be able to sell them as nice prints. (and make moola!)
Note: Ayn, if you want to plan an art thing for the RV art/craft show they hold in Rancocas woods (and/or at Otakon next year) just.. give a call or something. :3

Updatey~~: Not much going on in the journalage it seems. Everyone's been away/busy with homework XD (which... I'm still doing.) Perhaps afterwards we'll be able to get back together.

> is it just me.. or am I the only one to notice we only have a friggin' MONTH left of summer vacation? O.M.F.G!!!!!!!! I really don't want to go back already. It didn't feel like summer this year. More like... a really long easter vacation. ;o;

Anyone still interested in journaling, just give me an OK back so that I know who's still into it for plots and stuff. ^^

<3 Management
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